Integrated Drive Systems

Experts agree that future production facilities will be much smarter than today’s factories. And it is also sure that drive technology will become ever more complex and demanding. Offering consistent integration into the entire environment of the production process, Integrated Drive Systems from HMK & Siemens provide an answer to the challenges posed by today‘s – and even more so, tomorrow‘s – industrial production.

Today, plants and machines must reach increasingly higher rates of productivity and efficiency at the lowest possible cost. At the same time, the next stage of industrial manufacturing is already looming on the horizon: Industry 4.0, characterized by smart factories and self- organizing communities of machines driven by information generated in the virtual world.

Drive technology alone will hardly be able to tackle all the new challenges. What is needed is consistent integration of drive technology into the entire environment of the production process.With HMK & Siemens Integrated Drive Systems, this has become reality for the first time ever.

Based on the world‘s most consistent and comprehensive product range in the field of drive systems, Siemens Integrated Drive Systems are the only true one-stop solution for entire drive trains on the market. They turn drives into success factors that pave the way to the future of manufacturing. They help improve the productivity, efficiency, and international competitiveness of industrial production and reduce time to market and time to profit considerably

the Integrated Drive Systems concept. On the horizontal, drive portfolio level, all frequency converters, motors, couplings, and gear units are guaranteed to interact and integrate seamlessly. On the vertical level, the integration into automation, Integrated Drive Systems are part of Totally Integrated Automation (TIA), and, as such, perfectly integrated into the entire automation environment – from the field level all the way to the MES.

The third level, lifecycle integration, comprises software and services for all project steps from planning, design, and engineering to operation, maintenance, and all the way to modernization measures.

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